Chief Judge Simon Nominated for Supreme Court

Sanctus – The Chief Judge of the Galvium State Supreme Court, Edmée Simon, has been nominated to replace the late Associate Justice Louis Cartwright on the Supreme Court of Sanctaria, Justice Secretary Eric Hill announced to the House of Deputies today. The seat has been vacant since Cartwright’s death in late July. The nomination now goes to the Senate Subcommittee on Justice, where Senators will quiz Simon on her suitability for the role.

Simon has been Chief Judge of the Galvium State Supreme Court since its establishment post-federalisation. Prior to this, she was a judge on the Sanctarian Western Circuit, which covered what is now the states of Galvium and Aquitanium. She served as a judge for 10 years, and had worked as a barrister primarily focused on family law before being elevated to the bench. Simon is a graduate of the Sanctus Academy of Law.

It is not expected that Simon will face any roadblocks in her Senate nomination, given her past as a serving judge and the fact that judicial nominations in Sanctaria are relatively uncontroversial appointments. The Senate subcommittee will meet next Tuesday to question Simon, with committee handlers expecting the subcommittee to vote her qualified the same day – it’s anticipated the full Senate will confirm her by voice vote next Wednesday or Thursday, provided nothing disqualifying arises in the meantime.

Simon has declined to answer queries from journalists looking for comment on her nomination, with her office directing questions to Secretary Hill’s office.

ADAM KING, Crime & Justice Correspondent

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