Xiomeran ruler to have twins

The Office of the Imperial Household announced today that Empress Calhualyana of Xiomera will soon give birth to twins.

“Her Majesty the Empress is doing well and bearing the difficulties of pregnancy strongly,” Imperial Steward Xiuhcatli told the media today. “Her doctors have confirmed that the Empress will be having a boy and a girl, and all Xiomerans are eagerly awaiting their arrival.” The Imperial Steward stated that the Empress is expected to give birth “within the next few weeks.” A military parade was held today in the Tiazō, the central square of the capital Tlālacuetztla, in honor of the upcoming births.

The renewal of a hereditary monarchy in Xiomera was putatively one of the reasons for the coup that overthrew the former Xiomeran ruler, Yauhmi, in 2020. When asked by DTNS how the upcoming birth of heirs could be squared with the previous argument against renewing a hereditary monarchy that Calhualyana, among the other coup plotters, gave two years ago, the Imperial Steward refused to comment.

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