Huenya, Xiomera respond to assassination

The governments of Huenya and Xiomera have both issued responses to the attack on two prominent Xiomeran athletes in Eiria.

In Chuaztlapoc, Vice-Speaker Tiacihitli denounced the attack as “an utterly senseless and inhuman expression of brutality” and flatly accused the Xiomeran intelligence service of being behind the attack. “Imperial Intelligence, and the Empress who holds their reins in her claws, have sunk to a new low. We express our condolences to Metotoa and Cihitlina, as well as their loved ones, and pray for their safety.” The Vice-Speaker also warned Xiomera not to attempt any similar attacks in Huenya. “The Huenyan Federation will respond with all appropriate countermeasures against the Imperial regime should any asylum-seekers come to harm in Huenya due to Imperial plots,” he said.

In Tlālacuetztla, Prime Minister Toquihu responded on behalf of the Empress, who is currently in hospital and expected to give birth within days. “The Xiomeran Empire totally rejects the accusations being leveled against us by certain feckless and irresponsible governments. While the fate that befell the two defectors is certainly unfortunate, the immediate knee-jerk reaction to blame us is typical of the anti-Xiomeran stance of these governments. Our government firmly believes that the attack was done either by an Eirian or a disgruntled Huenyan, and was inspired by the reckless Xiomera-phobia being pushed by these leaders. We further believe that this is merely their attempt to cover up their culpability in inspiring some unhinged person to take such an action with their poisoned words,” the Prime Minister said.

The Huenyan government confirmed to DTNS that the Federal Police and Federal Intelligence Service, along with local law enforcement, will be increasing security for as many refugees from Xiomera as possible in the wake of the attack.

The athletes Metotoa and Cihitlina defected from Xiomera a year ago during the IDU Olympics being held in Eiria, and had since been living there in exile. The attack on October 12th, which authorities have described as a poisoning, cost Cihitlina her life and left Metotoa with serious and permanent injuries, according to officials.

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