Eastern Isles Elections Preview

Eastern Isles

Eastern Isles has a population of 515,000 people, by total area, land, and water it’s the largest in size, including both Green Island and San-dep Island, 200 miles away. Green Island is a bastion of mostly fishing communities, who have typically been Conservative, though both the Greens and Farmers and Fishers are attempting to make gains, then on San-Dep Island, the pro-ingenious rights Green and Blue Party has considerable power. Finally, the San Valentino Islands, with a population of 20,000 supports the Centrist Party. 

The San Dep Islands, located 300 miles from mainland Slokais are home to the Paiwanese and San-Dep ethnic groups, with the island being declared a tribal area in 2013 by Joseph Zhang. This means both groups receive a seat on the Tribal Council, a body meant to represent the issues facing indegious communities. The largest city in the islands, Karan-Koa with a population of 100,000 has all of its signs in English, Mandarin, Paiwanese and San-Dep languages. To the north is the Paiwan Tribal Area, a area under the direct control of the Paiwan Council, a group of 25 elected officials from various villages. The largest industry in the area is commercial fishing and yam production. The northernmost island is Saroah-Kaying’Ko a volcanic island known for its unique biodiversity separate from the other islands. 

The Green and Blue Party is an indigenous rights party that primarily operates in the Eastern Isles, though affiliated with the Indigenous Alliance, a group of political parties that promote indigenous culture. Primarily Green and Blue is a center to center-left, though it is somewhat big-tent, as its primary focus is to represent the Paiwan, San-Dep, and Saroah, ethnic groups. Its leader, Kao Li-Hua and Martin Chang-yi are both MPs, with Martin Chang-Yi being the Minister of Indigenous Affairs under the 2nd Zhang and 2nd Chavez Governments. Chang-Yi when elected in 2012 was the first, Paiwanese-Slokasian MP. Since then Chang-yi has proposed a number of bills, mostly involving indigenous affairs. The Green and Blue Party’s most important political impact is the 2019 Indigenous Language Improvement and Diversity Act(ILIDA). This required native languages on government forms and buildings for areas with a sizable Indigenous population. 

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