Thomas Promises to Scale Back Defence Spending

Sanctus – Culture Secretary Amanda Thomas has said she will reverse much of the promises made by the Hendry government with regards to defence spending if she is elected leader and enters government after the election in December. Criticising the policy, which she also signed off on as a member of the cabinet, as “imperialist” and “oppressive”, Thomas said she would instead channel the funding towards free internet access for all citizens.

The statement, made to the press today while Thomas was visiting a DLP chapter in Sanctus, may prove to be controversial. The general public have been supportive of the DLP’s defence policy, and according to recent polls over 68% believe that Sanctaria’s position in the world necessitates the need for it to be a global mediator, and policeman where necessary. It was one of the few areas of policy over the last five years where the Democratic Left and the Conservatives were of one mind.

The comments are also likely to cause concern amongst Sanctaria’s allies, Huenya in particular. Sanctaria’s promise to invest heavily in an overseas base in Huenya had bolstered the fledging nation’s independence, particularly against the heavily militarised Xiomera which objects to Huenya’s existence. Other large powers had welcomed Sanctaria’s about-turn in defence policy over the last five years too, believing that Sanctaria needed to match its political and financial influence with military might too.

The SCP have already jumped on Thomas’ comments today, saying that “Sanctaria’s security will be at risk if Thomas and her socialist DLP are in government for the next five years”. Her competitors for the DLP crown, Nicola Allman and Ethan Ringrose, have also distanced themselves from Thomas’ policy, with both camps committing themselves to maintaining the 15 year defence plans unveiled by the outgoing government three years ago.

Supporters of Thomas, however, has said that public money shouldn’t be spent on the “imperialist military industrial complex” and that people in Sanctaria would prefer better services instead of supporting “death and destruction in faraway lands”.

GWEN COPLEY, Political Correspondent

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