Allman Strikes Deal with Ringrose; Drops Out of Race

Sanctus – The race to become the next leader of the Democratic Left Party took a new turn today when backbench MP Nicola Allman announced she would no longer be contesting the vote, and that she urged her supporters and voters to back Sanctus City Councillor Ethan Ringrose. The decision, in the final days of the race, comes after an intense weekend of talks between the two camps to ensure the victor in the race is a moderate who can win a general election for the DLP.

It’s understood that despite polling showing a massive drop in support for Culture Secretary Amanda Thomas, who represents the socialist wing of the party, there is a fear in the Ringrose and Allman camps that she will still garner enough support this Saturday at the special party congress to clinch the leadership, particularly as the moderate camp is split between the two other candidates. Sources in the Allman camp have indicated that Ringrose reached out to their candidate last week, and the two met in a Sanctus hotel over the weekend, along with their campaign teams, to come to an agreement.

Though not confirmed, it is likely that in exchange for her support, should Ringrose win this weekend, he will name Allman as the new Deputy Leader of the party and, if they get into government, she will be given a senior portfolio. Many commentators have suggested in the past weeks that this was the ultimate end goal for Allman – that she did not think she would win, but she wanted to put up enough of a fight to be put into cabinet next time. It is believe that she wants either the Foreign Secretary role – which has, in the past, been given to deputy leaders when the party is in government – or the Homeland Security job.

Polling due to be released tomorrow has been pushed to Thursday to allow field research teams to redeploy given today’s announcement. Allman will not be on the ballot on Saturday, DLP party officials confirmed, but whether or not her support goes wholesale to Ringrose or not remains to be seen.

JOEY SESSIONS, Political Editor

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