Xiomera seizes control of media

In a shocking announcement, the government of Xiomera announced today that it is seizing control of all media outlets in the country. Effective immediately, all media outlets operating in the country will be under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Information. The decision marks the final end of what, in previous years, had been a fairly robust independent media for a totalitarian state.

“In order to support and reinforce the New Empire era, as mandated by our Empress, all media services operating in Xiomera will be required to report to, and be supervised by, this Ministry directly,” stated Coaneca, the Minister of Information, in a broadcast on all radio and television stations in the country this morning. “This measure is being taken both to protect the Xiomeran people from malicious foreign manipulation, and to ensure that all parts of Xiomeran society are in alignment with our national cause to rebuild the Empire.”

While the Minister declined to state exactly how the Ministry of Information will govern the media moving forward, it is highly likely that the Ministry will dictate what can and cannot be broadcast or published and exercise direct control over content.

In a related story, the Ministry of Loyalty announced that, as part of the “New Empire” program initiated by the Empress and the XCP, that Xiomera will begin moving towards a “program of military discipline and efficiency” in its economic and social sectors. “Moving forward, all of Xiomera will be expected and required to operate with the greatest discipline and efficiency in order to facilitate and expedite our program of Imperial redevelopment,” Minister of Loyalty Quihichua stated.

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