Talia de La Cruz: A Red Wave?

Talia de La Cruz, the daughter of a bricklayer and a schoolteacher grew up in rural Victoria Province. This election she intends to increase rural turnout for Socialist-Labor. Socialist-Labor was formed out of remnants of the various Reformist Worker Councils of the National Reform Era in 1972. Building upon this Socialist-Labor had developed connections with many major unions and trade groups.

The Socialist-Labor Party argues for the ideas of socialism and left-wing populism. The idea of reaching popular control of the state through union and state action. And argues for direct control of capital by organized labor themselves, calls prior socialist movements ineffective, and is mostly reformist instead of revolutionary. They have been the most successful leftist political party, with union turnout being key to their success in Provincial Elections.

At a recent rally in East Xiang, La Cruz spoke against corporate power. “Right now, UMC is not giving benefits of any kind, and the Labor Relations Board is doing nothing, that is why we need to rally your comrades and co-workers, and together we can elect these amazing candidates behind me”. Pointing to a handful of party-list candidates. The crowd was full of iron and steel workers, some wearing hard hats. “Typically, Socialist-Labor only cares about coffee-drinking academics, but I really like this new way of thinking,” said Louie Chan, an ironworker from Gaoshan. Polling had put Socialist-Labors at a predicted 41 MPs, an increase of 14 members.

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