Pontifex Serial Killings: Police Officer Arrested

Pontifex – A serving Detective Inspector in the Pontifex City Police Department was this morning arrested on suspicion of a number of murders in the city over the last seven months. The officer, whose name has not yet been released, is with the city’s vice squad, and was not working directly on the case itself.

Nine people were stabbed to death within their own apartments in the time the killer was active; detectives on the case were working on the assumption that because the victims were letting the killer into their homes, the perpetrator had to be someone people would trust to let into their homes. After originally considering tradespeople and food delivery drivers, officers then began to look at emergency services. It’s now known that the suspect was using his warrant card, and position as a police officer, to convince his victims to let him into their homes.

Though no motive had been apparent to-date, it’s understood from sources with the police department that the DI was targeting people who paid for sexual services, which is illegal in Sanctaria. One officer, who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity, said the suspect was having a relationship with a sex worker he had previously arrested, and was marking out people who had either paid her for sex, or worked with her as a sex worker.

A spokesperson for the PCPD said inquiries were still ongoing and detectives would be continuing to question the arrested officer, but that they were no longer looking for any new suspects in the case that has shocked the residents of Novum Limium’s capital city.

ADAM KING, Crime & Justice Correspondent

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