SCP Will Cut Government Spending

Haven – Sanctarian Conservative Party Treasury Spokesperson Noreen Islington on the campaign trail today committed to reduce government expenditure if the SCP seized government this weekend. Speaking at a lunch for major industry leaders, Islington said the Sanctarian Government consistently made up the majority of the Sanctarian economy and “this isn’t sustainable”.

Islington praised the industry heads at the lunch, and told them that an SCP government would reduce “red tape” and privatise some government services, such as the postal service or some federal rail services, to “grow the economy by growing business opportunities”. She lambasted the Democratic Left Party for rejecting repeated motions by the main opposition party to privative “obviously ineffective services”, and said that for Sanctaria’s economy to remain strong, private industry had to take over.

Public, or government, spending currently accounts for approximately 38% of GDP, up 9% from when the DLP took over 5 years ago, largely on account of increased defence spending and maintenance of road and rail infrastructure. The SCP has promised to get this back to pre-DLP levels, with private industry moving in to make up the difference. Islington today said that, in addition to privatisation, the government would also cut spending in most departments, “and completely remove others”, she added, referencing the Equality and Minority Affairs department which has annual spend of S£500m.

Admitting that such radical change might “be a bit bumpy in the short term”, Islington referenced the last time the Sanctarian government attempted to do this, back in 2016, but said that because of the election in early 2018, not enough time was given to it to adjudicate success or its impact on the economy because the DLP reversed course once they got into government. She said that the SCP’s plans were “independently costed” and that “many economists believe this is the right, and responsible, thing to do”.

MICHAEL FALLON, Economics Editor

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