Novella Islands’ Second Relief Fleet Arrives in Mallacaland

Ms. Yvonne Acarda – 03/01/2023
Mallaca City, Mallacaland
Novellan National News Service

The Novella Islands Navy provides aid, following Mallacaland Revolution

Following the deadly Mallacaland Revolution in 2021 that claimed the lives of thousands of its citizens, the Novella Islands Navy’s Second Relief Fleet has been dispatched, to provide both medical assistance and rebuilding aid. The fleet of four vessels arrived at Mallaca City during the early hours of the morning, and have begun liaising with their Mallacan counterparts.

Although much rebuilding work has already been undertaken – especially in the capital – there are still core infrastructural demands are not being met. Of particular interest is the shattered healthcare system, with the few still-functional hospitals working at but a fraction of their expected patient throughput. As a result, in November the Dell Government extended an open invitation to the send the Second Relief Fleet, to provide both aid and operational assistance. Alongside this offer, a substantial rebuilding loan was made available – plus three tenders by Novella Islands’ state industries, to make use of the financing – to rebuild essential infrastructure.

In late December, Mallacan Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Abdul Bin-Saladin graciously accepted both of the offers, stating, “The Government of Mallacaland gladly accepts the support of the Novella Islands and looks forward to a continued relationship between our two nations, that is not only beneficial for all parties but the people of Mallacaland.” The Second Relief Fleet will complete operational preparations before Friday, and will begin its mission in earnest shortly thereafter.

The Orchestration-class N.I.V. Perry is loaded with personnel and supplies.

Navy to onboard 1,500 extra medical personnel for the operation

The Novella Islands Navy announced today that more than 1,500 of the doctors aboard both of the hospital ships are ‘short-term volunteers’, who are commissioned only for the duration of the aid mission. In a press conference discussing the arrival of the Second Relief Fleet, Navy spokesman Mr. Oliver Cox said, “These 1,000 volunteers have been taken from across the nation; ranging from overstaffed hospitals in Aqis to Xeles, to bringing some recently retired doctors back in to service, and to shortening the leave of some medical personnel. As a result, there will be no impact upon the quality of healthcare here at home.”

“Conversely, these doctors are going to make a marked difference to healthcare outcomes in Mallacaland. Following their conflict, the medical system is in disarray. Every doctor, every crate of medical supplies, and all of our logistical expertise we send, will help thousands of Mallancans,” Mr. Cox continued. “We are proud to provide the assistance we can, to whoever is in need.”

The Second Relief Fleet accounts for a substantial proportion of the total number of naval officers across the entire Novella Islands Navy, while remaining the division with the fewest number of ships. The Guardian-class N.I.V. Haven and Salvation-class N.I.V. Hope – both hospital ships – comprise the bulk of the fleet’s staffing requirements, with more than two thousand medical personnel aboard each. Most of these doctors will disembark the medical ships over the next few days, and will operate within the existing medical system of Mallacaland. This leaves just a few hundred crew to staff the five radiological imaging facilities, 24 operating theatres, four laboratories, and dozens of additional peripheral medical services, across both hospital ships.

The remaining crew that make up the fleet are spread across two additional vessels. The Supply-class engineering and maintenance vessel N.I.V. Supply – the lead ship of its class – will be providing infrastructural reinforcement support in Mallacaland, carrying a detachment of the Novella Islands Army Engineering Division. Finally, the fleet’s one warship escort, N.I.V. Perry – an Orchestration-class command cruiser – will be providing logistical coordination, and emergency airlift support with its compliment of ten helicopters. Other than the N.I.V. Perry, all other vessels in the Second Relief Fleet are unarmed, and are thus protected against combat by international law.

Guardian-class N.I.V. Haven and Salvation-class N.I.V. Hope, underway to Mallacaland.

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