The Novella Islands Bans Indiscriminate Weapons

Mr. Paul Poltava – 05/01/2023
Novella City, Xeles, Novella Islands
Novellan National News Service

The Dell Government’s Indiscriminate Weapons Partial Ban Act 2023 enters law

The Indiscriminate Weapons Stockpile Reduction, Satisfactory Upkeep, and Partial Prohibition on Usage Act 2023 – better known by its short title, the Indiscriminate Weapons Partial Ban Act 2023 – has today entered into law, after passing both houses of Parliament yesterday evening. International legal scholars rejoiced, as the Novella Islands becomes the first nation to extend the accepted argument against the use of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) weapons to include all weapons that cannot be adequately targeted.

First Minister Dr. Edmund Dell and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Relations Dr. Justina Rivers held a press conference at the steps of Parliament House this morning, with Dr. Dell stating, “We have made history today. The utterly barbaric practice of using indiscriminate weapons of violence against other human beings has been outlawed in this country.”

“This sets a new standard, by which we judge not only our own actions, but the actions of those in the international community. As required by the act, we will now begin pushing for similar – and stronger – provisions to be implemented into the wider body of international law.” Division 4. Ongoing Requirements of the act requires that the Novella Islands advocates for the restriction of use of indiscriminate weapons, with the goal of total global prohibition. Similarly, it also requires the advocacy for the reduction of global stockpiles of indiscriminate weapons, with the goal of total global disarmament.

Dr. Lily Bligh, the independent director of the Office of Legislative Affairs (NIOLA), confirmed in an official statement from her office today, “This is a landmark act for the Novella Islands, and will no doubt shape the future of international norms. As required by law, our ambassadors and diplomats who are posted across international bodies and within foreign nations will now begin good-faith discussions with their counterparts, encouraging similar legislation to be adopted internationally.”

“This is an amazing thing, that the Dell Government has just achieved,” said Dr. Erika Tal, both an ardent disarmament advocate, and a professor of international law at the Novella City School of Law. “We are the first nation in the world to set the norm that indiscriminate weapons of any kind are fundamentally immoral, not merely CBRN weapons.” Weapons banned by the act include the four CBRN weapons, as well as thermobaric weapons, indiscriminate conventional weapons, and ‘any future technology that is developed, that cannot be targeted to prevent inflicting damage on unintended targets, either civilian or military’. This broad phrasing will ensure that the legislation is able to be interpreted in such a manner that, even as new technological advances are rapidly made, the spirit of the law remains upheld.

However, many criticise that the Indiscriminate Weapons Partial Ban Act does not go far enough, warning that it does not outright prohibit the use of the weapons in all circumstances. “According to division two, section three of the act… any weapon that can be targeted to prevent unintended casualties, is not classed as indiscriminate,” clarifies Dr. Iona Peak, a leading member of the Total Disarmament Council. “While we must applaud the Dell Government for that which this legislation does achieve, nonetheless, it is still completely ineffective at eliminating the threat that these weapons pose to humanity.”

Dr. Bligh and NIOLA confirm that this interpretation is correct. “However, the provisions of division four are more than adequate to demonstrate the Novella Islands’ genuine and good-faith stance towards complete disarmament,” Dr. Bligh reiterates. “The act, as stated in its title, is only a partial ban. Once this becomes international norm, through advocacy by Novellan diplomats and adoption by foreign nations, I have no doubt that the government shall take the next step in proposing a total ban.”

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