Illegal Xiomeran “Police Stations” Reported in Port Royal

Port Royal, Greater Acadia – More and more Xiomerans and Huenyans move to Greater Acadia to escape the tensions and the violence taking place in Eastern Caxcana. As they do, established Caxcanan communities within Acadia have rapidly grown in size. This has resulted in a growing need for social services by these immigrants. Thankfully, much of Acadian society has stepped up to assist, organizing food drives as well as coordinating the construction of housing and critical infrastructure to help these refugees settle.

However, there has been a troubling development in regards to this growth in social services, particularly around law enforcement. The Greater Acadian National Police have increasingly received reports of these refugees being harassed by officers identifying themselves as Xiomeran Foreign National Police. When questioned, these officers maintain that they are groups of concerned citizens working to police themselves and maintain order in majority Xiomeran and Huenyan communities. This, however, is distinctly at odds with the experiences of Xiomeran immigrants, who maintain that these “police” have been consistently harassing and shaking down anyone of Eastern Caxcanan descent.

“It’s concerning,” Said one such immigrant, who wished to remain anonymous for their safety. “We came here to escape things like this. And yet it seems to follow us here anyway. I hope that the Acadian Police are working on this. I just want me and my family to be safe here.” 

Indeed, it seems that the GAMP have already begun working on this issue. They have reportedly identified a number of buildings being used as “precincts” by these police forces. While nothing concrete is set to take place yet, the GAMP has assured us that actions will be taken to shut down these illegal law enforcement agencies.

“No agreement between the Acadian Government or the Greater Acadian National Police exists with these organizations.” Said Sgt. Jacob Bills of the GAMP. “Quite frankly, these supposed law enforcement agencies are operating without any sort of legal mandate. Any proposed attempt by these groups to enforce law on Acadian soil is illegal and would be considered harassment and disturbing the peace at best. I cannot comment on any future plans of the Acadian National Police, but I can assure you that measures are being taken to address the concerns of our citizens and maintain peace and security.”

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