Illegal Police Stations Tied to Xiomeran Government – More Found Across Acadia

Port Royal, Greater Acadia – Recently, we at the Greater Acadian Times covered a story about the sudden appearance of mysterious police stations in Port Royal and their actions as they relate to Caxcanan immigrants. At the time, it was clear that such police stations were harassing various communities, particularly those with large populations of ethnic Xiomerans and Huenyans. Additionally, these stations, identifying themselves as part of the Xiomeran Foreign Police Service, were being heavily investigated by the Greater Acadian Mounted Police.

In the intervening time, the Mounties have conducted a number of raids on these police stations, arresting a number of supposed “officers” and confiscated documents related to these organizations. While most of these documents and items are currently being held as evidence, an official statement from the GAMP indicates that these documents purport a link to the Xiomeran government. While this has not been confirmed, it has been reported that the Bureau of Internal Affairs has become involved in the investigation.

Further troubling are reports that other illegal police stations have been found in other cities across the country. Once again, these offices have been involved in the harassment of immigrants and Acadian citizens of Xiomeran and Huenyan descent. This has led to increasing calls for decisive action by the GAMP. While evidence points to the involvement of the Xiomeran regime, the Acadian Government has declined to comment directly on the subject. 
“We simply have not yet had time to determine if the Xiomeran Regime is truly involved in this situation.” Said Christine Belle, Director of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs. “However, should this prove the case we are willing to take whatever steps necessary to combat this issue. We will be in contact with our associates in Xiomera to hopefully resolve this diplomatically.”

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