Failed Mission against Kaijan League ends in a disaster. Who is to blame?

Some things are clear about the failed mission conducted by South Kaijan Police, last week. 12 officers were killed in an explosion, and they were attempting to take a Kaijan League base. The mission has been called a failure by those across the political spectrum. Yet the real question remains, why did this happen?

Some of the blame is being directed at Mike Osorio-Chan, a Minster of Defense. The MP from West Xiang was the head of the operation as shown in documents of the mission. Yet in a statement by his office, “Mr. Osorio-Chan did not have any sort of leadership role in the failed operation”. Another target is Commissioner Raul Balley of the Slokais Islands Bureau of Investigation, multiple sources have indicated that it was under his administration that false intelligence was gathered by agents. Especially among left-wing groups, President Brooke Weasley is being blamed for her role in the entire operation.

Speaking of Brooke Weasley, the President has authorized the military in South Kaijan due to the Kaijan League threat. In a speech on Monday, the President announced “No longer shall we stand by as terrorist forces rage across Kaijan, I am authorizing the operation for the protection of the good citizens of Kaijan”. 15,000 troops have been deployed in various towns across the province as well as around vital infrastructure.

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