Xiomera denies connection to foreign police stations

Security Minister Tochuitli

The government of Xiomera “denies any formal involvement” in police stations aimed at ethnic Xiomerans living in foreign countries, per the country’s Minister of Security.

“Xiomera does not operate any kind of ‘police stations’ on foreign soil on an official basis,” Security Minister Tochuitli, whose ministry oversees Xiomeran overseas security operations, told the media today. The Minister went on to speculate that any kind of foreign “oversight” that may be occurring is “being done entirely by patriotic Xiomerans who want to ensure that malcontents and terrorists hiding abroad do not pose a threat to their loved ones back home or to their homeland.”

The Minister also denied the existence of an alleged Xiomeran Foreign Police Service, claimed by Acadian authorities to be operating in their country. “I cannot speculate on whether or not this claim is the result of malicious intent by the Acadians or just bad intelligence on their part, but there is no such service within the Xiomeran government.”

When advised that reports of similar “police stations” have begun to emerge in other nations as well, the Minister simply reiterated his claim that “patriotic Xiomeran citizens may be being a bit overzealous”. The Minister warned that Xiomera “expects such citizens to be treated fairly and humanely by the governments of whatever nation they are currently residing in.”

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