Novella Islands’ “Crop Killer” Chemical Weapon Bears Fruit

Dr. Rowen Sharpe – 30/03/2023Celeste Hills, Jervo, Novella IslandsNovellan National News Service Next-generation defoliant passes final testing and approval phases The Novella Islands Industrial Chemicals Corporation (NIICC) today unveiled its latest product offering, with a rather decisive practical demonstration. Chem-7 Gen.2 –

What’s going on in Mallacaland?

It’s been 2 years since the Emirate of Mallacaland was overthrown by a coalition of the former King and radicals on the left, right, and center. However soon the new Republic of Mallacaland was thrown into chaos by an attempted coup by


Police Arrest Five Teens Over Fridge Thefts

Local police in Summersea, Costeno Province, have arrested five teenagers over a spree of bizarre thefts of refrigerators which took place between June and October 2022, totalling precisely 100 stolen fridges before the thefts abruptly stopped. Police were stumped for months by