Police Arrest Five Teens Over Fridge Thefts

Local police in Summersea, Costeno Province, have arrested five teenagers over a spree of bizarre thefts of refrigerators which took place between June and October 2022, totalling precisely 100 stolen fridges before the thefts abruptly stopped. Police were stumped for months by

Huenya requests return of wanted exiles

The government of Huenya has formally requested that Serriel extradite dozens of individuals wanted for crimes committed during the Second Xiomeran Civil War. The Special Investigative and Prosecutorial Service (SIPS), the law enforcement arm of Huenya’s truth and reconciliation commission, delivered warrants

Xiomera warns against UCS expansion

The Xiomeran government issued a warning to the government of Manabí Rive against pursuing membership in the Union of Caxcanan States (UCS), stating that such a move would “irreparably damage” the relationship between the two countries. Prime Minister Toquihu, speaking at the