Laeral extends offer to Manabí Rive

The government of Manabí Rive has confirmed that they are in discussions with the government of Laeral on forming closer bilateral ties.

Reports indicate that Laeral has offered the Manabí a package of deals which would include promises of future investment, to include beginning direct flights through Laeralian Airways, their flag carrier, to boost tourism. A proposal to begin negotiations with Xiomera to establish a cross-strait memorandum of understanding, which would aim to resolve maritime boundary issues and safeguard Manabí’s security, is also on the table. President Liu Mei-han successfully negotiated to end the Second Xiomeran Civil War in the Jinyu talks, and it is believed that the hope is to achieve a similar success with the current crisis between Xiomera and Manabí Rive.

There are also suggestions that the offers may be an attempt to encourage the Manabí not to proceed with plans to join the UCS, which Xiomera has indicated is a “red line” for them and would trigger a retaliatory response. “If the Manabí can form relationships with other nations, this could convince Xiomera to back off. It would also remove the Xiomeran concerns about UCS expansion, while protecting the Manabí as well,” Ryellia Gare, a foreign affairs analyst with DTNS, said.

The final decision by the Manabí remains to be seen, however. The tribal council which governs Manabí Rive currently appears split between the two offers on the table, with some advocating that Manabí Rive accept both UCS membership and a deal with Laeral for maximum benefit.

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