Xiomera, Manabí agree to talks

The Garden Valley Hotel, site of the upcoming talks in Telefar

Novella Islands to host discussions aimed at resolving crisis

The governments of Xiomera and Manabí Rive have agreed to an offer extended by the government of the Novella Islands to hold talks aimed at resolving the crisis between the two that has sparked fears of a Xiomeran invasion.

The talks will be held at the Garden Valley Hotel in the city of Telefar, on Cyanth island, beginning March 20th. The hotel is the same location where the historic Telefar Agreement was signed in June 1964, ending the involvement of the Empire of Opthelia in the Great War.

The talks are to be hosted by Dr. Edmund Dell, First Minister of the Novella Islands, and Dr. Claus Rainer, Ambassador of the Novella Islands to the LIDUN. Xiomera has confirmed that Empress Calhualyana and Minister of State Toquauhtli will attend for their nation, while the Manabí leader Sapa Tanqui will attend for his nation.

As a gesture of goodwill, Xiomera has temporarily ceased mobilizing forces in its southern military districts. These mobilizations were seen as the spearhead of a potential invasion to prevent Manabí Rive from joining the UCS by force. The forces already mobilized, however, remain in place and ready to be deployed, underscoring the tightrope the negotiators will be walking.

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