Greater Acadia Signs Infrastructure, Trade Deals with Huenya, Milintica

Federation City, Greater Acadia – A major deal with the nations of Huenya and Milintica has recently been passed by the Acadian Senate. The deal, valued at a combined $34 Billion, was recently announced by the Gargant government late last month, following lengthy talks with the governments of both foreign powers. The packages aim to provide funds to allow both countries to refurbish and begin construction of infrastructure projects, with the aim to allow for greater economic growth and integration. The packages are also accompanied by a temporary freeze on tariffs regarding the export and import of certain goods been Acadia and both Huneya and Milintica.

According to a spokesperson for the Gargant administration, talks are still ongoing with both Caxcanan nations, regarding a further reduction in trade tariffs, and the opening of trade. “Huenya is a young nation, taking its first steps onto the world stage as an independent power.” Said this spokesperson. “Milintica, as well, is only recently emerging from its period of self0imposed isolation from the global economy. We believe that greater economic cooperation is necessary for us to thrive in this increaseingly hostile world.”

While unconfirmed, there has also been rumours circulating that Acadian defence firms are also participating in the talks. For what purpose is unknown. However, considering the increasing tensions between both Huenya and Milintica, and the Calhualyana regime in Xiomera, many speculate that defense contracts may form part of future relations. What form this will take, if any, is unknown at this time.

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