Acadia Lodges Formal Complaint Against “Crop Killer” Bio-Weapon

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Federation City, Greater Acadia – After the testing of the Novella Islands’ new defoliant – designated Chem-7 Gen.2 and nicknamed the “Crop Killer” – was made public, an emergency meeting of the Acadian Parliament was convened. A number of members of parliament and senators expressed outrage at this new weapon, and have called on the Gargant government to take decisive action. In response, the Government of Greater Acadia has lodged a formal complaint with the Government of the Novella Islands.

“This new weapon threatens the stability of the world.” Said Prime-Minister Gargant in an address to Parliament. “Should this weapon fall into the wrong hands, human-engineered famines could become widespread. I call on the Novella Islands and their government to discontinue the production of Chem-7 Gen.2 and destroy existing stocks. We cannot allow access to food being used as a global bargaining chip by nations and other organizations to achieve their geopolitical aims. This, by definition, goes against the state goals of Acadian foreign policy.”

Much like the protests taking place in nearby Lauchenoiria, many similar demonstrations have been taking place in front of the Novella Islands embassy and consulates within Greater Acadia since the announcement of the tests. More recently, preceding the Prime Minister’s announcement of a formal complaint, another demonstration has begun in front of the Parliament Building. These protests have thus far been peaceful, though the participants do not seem ready to put down the banners and signs despite the actions being taken by the government.

“We need to keep the pressure on.” Said Jean Martin, who is protesting alongside his fiancee. “We can’t stop until Novella Islands backs down from this weapon. This thing is a threat to everyone, everywhere. Food insecurity is already a huge problem. We can’t let them make it worse. Honestly, Novellans should be ashamed of themselves. They pulled this thing out after getting rid of their nukes, like condemning millions to staving is somehow better?”

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