Eïkangärd Signs Historic Partnership with Xiomera

Västergäd, Eïkangärd – It is a historic moment between two proud peoples. With a stroke of a pen, Greater Marshal Sancha Groenbärd and our Xiomeran friends have signed a historic resolution which aims to tie both our great nations closer together. Within, we shall witness the greatest relaxing of trade barriers and mutual investment in the nation’s history. While it is not yet put into motion, the joint resolution will soon see a trade deal worth a combined 45 billion dollars.

Further, the resolution will tie our nations together in mutual defence and cooperation. While we do not yet know of the finer details, it is expected that we shall soon play host to a contingent of Xiomeran troops. Additionally, we have graciously decided to return the favour. We will be sending our own brave servicemen and servicewomen to bolster our newfound ally’s strength as they secure their new gains in West Xiomera.

“It is truly a historic moment.” Announced the Greater Marshall to cheering crowds. “By drafting this joint resolution, we strengthen our position and those of our allies against those who would interfere in our affairs. I have spoken at length to Empress Calhualyana of Xiomera, and I have full confidence that she and her people will be staunch allies in the struggles we face ahead. Know that as we march into the future, we do so side-by-side with out new Xiomeran friends!

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