Who are WOE? Behind the eco-group causing chaos from Lauchenoiria to Xiomera

Confusingly, two environmental groups based in Lauchenoiria are known by the acronym WOE. The better-known, but younger, of the two groups is Warriors of Our Earth, the eco-terrorists who have seized Lauchenoirian government buildings and blown up Xiomeran aircraft. The less well-known and yet longer-existing group Watchdogs of Our Earth is, unlike their Warrior cousins, committed to using “Non-Violent Direct Action” to achieve similar aims.

Why are there two WOEs?

Warriors began as a radical faction within Watchdogs, and remained as such until the hostage incident on Butterfly Island when the Lauchenoirian government outlawed the Warriors, but not the Watchdogs. While Watchdogs condemned the decision to outlaw the Warriors, they also stated clearly that they were an entirely separate organisation from that point forward. However, not everyone is convinced.

Are they really separate?

Doubts have been raised in several places about whether the Warriors and Watchdogs are truly separate. It is commonly believed that members of Warriors continue to meet and use the office spaces ostensibly rented by Watchdogs. Every member of Warriors who has been arrested in Lauchenoiria since the Butterfly Island incident has had verifiable ties with Watchdogs as well. Administrative volunteers for Watchdogs, who claim no links to Warriors, have also been implicated in preparations for Warriors actions, even if they have not participated in any of the violence themselves.

How do their tactics differ?

Warriors of Our Earth has stated on numerous occasions that they are willing to risk both their lives and the lives of others for their cause. They have stated that ‘no method is off the table’, including terrorism tactics such as bombings and hostage-taking. Watchdogs of Our Earth, conversely, is (on paper) committed to non-violent tactics, protecting the lives of their members and others. While they have not officially stated a limit, individual members interviewed by the media have given answers varying from “property, but not personal damage” to “blocking roads and entrances to offices”.

What do they want?

Both groups claim to be working towards the same aims. They want the governments of the world to come together to implement strict worldwide environmental laws with an aim of reaching net-zero carbon emissions as quickly as possible, while protecting natural ecosystems. Their stated goal is net-zero emissions by 2025, but this is widely believed to be impossible, and both versions of WOE have refrained from giving a specific date in recent press releases.

Are they actually terrorists?

Watchdogs of Our Earth is outlawed in three countries: Xiomera, Shuell and Iskiram. The governments of these nations would answer that yes, they are all terrorists. Warriors of Our Earth is also outlawed in these three, alongside Lauchenoiria and others. In Lauchenoiria, the government position is that Warriors are terrorists while those members of Watchdogs who stick to non-violent activities cannot be classified as such. People on the street vary in their opinions on the question, and there is no definitive answer.

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