Milintica condemns “crop killer”

peace symbol made of petals

The government of Milintica has issued a blistering condemnation of a chemical weapon recently announced by the Novella Islands, and renewed its calls for IDU-wide retiring of all weapons of mass destruction.

“This new weapon represents a vast threat to the stability of the world, and to be frank, the Novellans should be ashamed of themselves for even conceiving of such a thing, much less developing it,” the statement by President Matōchmizalo said.

The new weapon, named Chem-7 Gen.2 and dubbed the “Crop Killer”, has already been condemned by several nations. But President Matōchmizalo went further, calling for LIDUN to investigate the matter and even suggesting that nations should consider sanctioning Novella Islands until their government reverses course on the weapon.

“We cannot tolerate any weapons that could literally destroy the food supply,” the President said. He also used the opportunity to call out nations with other weapons of mass destruction. “Some of the same nations that are criticizing the Novellans for this so-called crop killer have other chemical weapons, or bio-weapons, or nuclear weapons. Their weapons are just as dangerous to the world, and equally worthy of condemnation. The complete disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction is the only morally and sustainably sound course of action. No nation should be allowed to hold the power of total destruction at their whim.”

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