Terrell Criticises Novella Islands for “Green Wave” Development

Sanctus – Environment Secretary Mélina Terrell today revealed a veiled criticism at the Dell administration in Novella Islands for permitting the Novella Islands Industrial Chemicals Corporation to create and test a new chemical weapon which results in widespread vegetation loss in its applied areas. Terrell is the first member of the government to speak on the issue which has been gaining traction in international news.

“The government of the Novella Islands has a duty under international law to ensure that chemical weapons that can cause harm to habitable areas, or to the environment, are kept solely for military use. The idea that the NIICC might be licensed to sell a military-grade chemical weapon for industrial or agricultural use is irresponsible at best. The Sanctarian government will be reviewing the product development, and its impact on the environment whether temporary or permanent, closely and will not hesitate to notify the World Assembly Chemical Weapons Commission (WACWC) and the World Assembly Compliance Commission (WACC) of our concerns if we feel it to be prudent”, Terrell told reporters today. “I understand First Minister Dell has a personal and political commitment to disarmament, and I am sure that on reflection, the First Minister and his government will come to realise that industrial-scale production of this product is unwise.”

It is understood by sources in the Novella Islands government that the administration does not consider the chemical – officially Chem-7 Gen.2, though also known as “Green Wave” by its proponents, and the “Crop Killer” by its opponents – to fall foul of their previously stated aim to be the first to ban indiscriminate weapons or their pursuit for further international disarmament. It has, however, proven to be very controversial among other member nations of the International Democratic Union, with some governments calling for the Novella Islands to be sanctioned over its role in permitting the weapon’s development. Stopping short of agreeing with those calls Terrell did say she would be “in contact with other environment ministers in the IDU to gain a better understanding on how a common approach to such a product might be beneficial in reducing any negative impacts”.

Terrell was also asked how the Sanctarian government was approaching the growing international concern over the group Warriors of Our Earth, which has been branded an eco-terrorist group in some nations. “Cabinet has been keeping a close eye on these matters”, Terrell said, “and the Homeland Security Secretary will, in time, have further comments on the group that can be shared with the public. From my perspective, I would say that WOE’s actions are ultimately going to cause an adverse effect on any international cooperation to fight climate change, and fundamentally what they are doing is dangerous, short-sighted, and morally and ethically wrong. Serious, responsible environmental groups shouldn’t, and I’m sure won’t, have anything to do with them”.

When pressed on whether or not Sanctaria will also designate the group as eco-terrorists, the Green Party minister replied “as I said, that’s a matter for the Homeland Security Secretary to make a determination on, and from Cabinet discussions, I understand she will have an update for the public very soon. We have been very clear in the past that we expect the Lauchenoirian government to swiftly deal with any type of fanatical group that comes from the country that may look to export their agitations abroad, and we’re confident that the government there will honour such international expectations”.

AHMED PATEL, Political Correspondent

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