Eco-Terrorists Target Monolith Manufacturing; One Injured

A man has been hospitalised in Buttercity following a terrorist attack at the Lauchenoirian office of Shuellian company Monolith Manufacturing. Responsibility for the attack has been claimed by Warriors of Our Earth, the eco-terrorist group. The man was working as a night janitor for the company, and was injured when WOE members set the building on fire after dousing the ground floor in gasoline.

The Federal Police & Investigation Service (FPIS) of Lauchenoiria are investigating the matter, and have already arrested four individuals suspected of being part of the group involved in the attack. Five more suspects are being actively searched for, though their names have not yet been released to the public. The FPIS has announced they are forming a specific taskforce relating to WOE with the aim of “ending the activities of the group within the span of a month at the longest”. This comes after numerous nations, including Xiomera and Sanctaria, have urged Lauchenoiria to deal with the WOE situation.

As they doused the building in gasoline and setting it on fire, one of those involved sprayed “FOSSIL FUELS DESTROY. SEE ABOVE.” on the ground in front of the building. WOE also issued a press release calling Monolith Manufacturing a “planet-killing company” and vowing to continue their actions until the government ended the use of fossil fuels. They also issued an ultimatum to the government of Shuell, alongside that of Lauchenoiria, that both nations would “face more attacks” if they did not commit to environmentally-friendly policies.

At the same time as the attack, which took place early this morning, the Warriors’ non-violent cousin Watchdogs of Our Earth were outside the Federal Parliament with participants wearing masks depicting Cabinet members and throwing fake oil at each other. Those involved in the protest have been taken for questioning by the police as to whether or not they knew of the concurrent Warriors action.

The attack took place just hours after the results of the country’s provincial elections, in spite of WOE making a statement prior to the elections that they would refrain from carrying out any disruptive activities on the day of the elections. Prime Minister Alvarez is said to have held an emergency meeting on the situation this morning, and is expected to announce measures to end the threat of WOE at home and abroad in the coming days.

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