Lauchenoirian Provincial Elections 2023: Results Summary

The final results of the Lauchenoirian provincial elections 2023 are now out in every province. The following is a summary of the results, with a full breakdown being provided later in the day.


In what comes as a surprise to nobody, the Aelurian Independence Party (AIP) remains the largest party, with 45% of available seats. In second place is the Green Party, a change from the Liberals who fell to fourth place. No great upsets took place, and Lauchenoiria First remains unrepresented.

Butterfly Island

Butterfly Island’s provincial parliament now has an even spread of parties, with the Conservatives, Liberals and Greens each taking a very close 33%, 31% and 29% respectively. It is likely a coalition will be formed on the island, though as there are several potential options that would produce a majority, it will be up to party negotiators to determine who ends up in charge.


The Left Alliance had an excellent result in Costeno, as they increased their share of the vote by 21% to come in second place behind the Liberals. But with the Liberals unable to reach a majority, there is still a possibility that a Left Alliance-Communist coalition could form.


In Ecanta, the location of several major battles during the 2018 civil war, the Liberals and Communists have continued in their downward decline, with the Left Alliance, Greens and Conservatives gaining votes. It is looking likely that Ecanta will end up with a Con-Lib coalition, as left-wing parties will be unable to form a majority.


The Liberals remain strong in the province of the capital, with just enough seats to form a slim majority. The Communists have declined to sixth place, their lowest ever result in Fleura. Many on the left will be asking questions about the fate of the Communist Party after these elections, with the Left Alliance taking more and more of their votes with every passing election since the conclusion of the war.


The feared increase in support for Melissan independence turned out to be unfounded, as the Melissan Union With Zongongia’s popularity on social media failed to translate into actual votes. Many people on the streets have said they follow the group online, but would never vote for them, calling them “just a meme”. Instead, it’s likely the Liberals will continue to dominate, probably with the Greens in a mirror of the national coalition.


The home province of Victoria Juarez, convicted of war crimes for her actions while in charge, rejected Juarez’s Liberal Party, wiping them entirely off the electoral map. This is the worst performance the Liberals have seen since the legalisation of anti-communist parties in 1993. Interestingly, in national-level elections, Ulinarians seem far more willing to vote Liberal, but many still recall Juarez’s time as leader of the province, locking them out from province-level politics in favour of the Left Alliance and Greens, with a considerable Conservative minority.


The Partido Anarquista de Yervia remained steady, neither increasing nor decreasing their share of the vote. Fears about an increase in pro-independence sentiment across Lauchenoiria have failed to be realised in this province as well as Melissa. It looks likely that the Greens and Left Alliance will be forming a coalition, without needing to rely on PAY’s support, which many worried would not be forthcoming. 

Christian groups in Lauchenoiria were unhappy with the timing of elections, with a number of groups lodging protests against the decision to hold the elections on the Easter Weekend. A spokesperson for the Lauchenoirian Alliance of Christian Churches told the Lauchenoirian Guardian: “Despite the fall of the communist regime, the government continues to disrespect people of faith and pursue their atheistic agenda to turn people away from the church. This is just one in a long line of insults against our faith, and other faiths.”

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