84 Arrested As Lauchenoiria Cracks Down on WOE

There have been 84 arrests of suspected members of Warriors of Our Earth, a prohibited terrorist organisation within Lauchenoiria, since the Federal Police & Investigation Service (FPIS) announced yesterday that they would crack down on the group. This followed an arson attack on the Lauchenoirian office of Monolith Manufacturing yesterday morning. The new “zero-tolerance” policy towards WOE is expected to result in many more arrests through the week ahead.

Seventeen of those arrested were caught attempting to leave the country via boarding a ferry in Summersea bound for Greater Acadia. Authorities have not yet said whether they believe this was an attempt to flee arrest, or part of another planned attack abroad. The FPIS has also issued a call for anyone with information about WOE to come forward, especially those involved with their non-violent sister group Watchdogs.

The attack on Monolith Manufacturing was the latest in a series of actions by the group, including a recent bombing of a Xiomeran airfield at the end of March. WOE have repeatedly targeted Xiomera as part of their support of Manabí Rive (formerly known as Manauia Island). During the Xiomeran Civil War, the group sent volunteers to fight on the side of the Manabí; and their actions included the destruction of four Xiomeran helicopters. Prime Minister Toquihu of Xiomera recently threatened to retaliate against WOE.

Nobody is certain how many members WOE has, but with calls coming from Xiomera, Sanctaria, and elsewhere for Lauchenoiria to get control of the situation, it is likely the FPIS, along with the nation’s intelligence agencies, will be working non-stop to root out the remnants of the eco-terrorist group as soon as possible.

If you have any information about Warriors of Our Earth, their members, or their activities, please contact the Federal Police and Investigation Service of Lauchenoiria as soon as possible.

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