Lake Wallace Crisis Escalates as Xiomera Ships Weapons

Federation City, Greater Acadia – The Lake Wallace Crisis shows no sign of abating today as satellite imagery, leaked to journalists here in Federation City, appears to suggest that the Empire of Xiomera has been shipping the Matriarchy of Kerlile more modern weaponry to supplements its armed forces. The Acadian government has not publicly commented on the deliveries, but sources within the administration suggest the apparent escalation, and interference by the Xiomerans, has worried the military and politicians alike.

Ever since a Kerlian missile landed on the Acadian side of Lake Wallace a number of days ago, tensions in the area have been on tenterhooks. With troops gathering on both sides of the lake, and along the small border both countries share, residents in Greater Acadia, and surrounding countries, have been holding their breath, wondering what the reclusive self-described gynarchy of Kerlile was planning. Was a nuclear attack in the offing?

Most defence strategists and experts in this part of Hesperdia believe the incident was most likely an embarrassing error on behalf of the Matriarchy, with their equipment and warheads heavily outdated and in dire need of service, and even in many cases, retirement. The show of force by their troops is more likely to be a display of bravado in the face of such a big mistake, rather than any real desire to start war with their northern neighbour. More worrying, they say, is Xiomera’s apparently entry into the crisis, deliberately supplying one of their few allies with better – though still old by modern standards – armaments – whether this is just to help the Kerlians save face and prevent another such embarrassment in the future, or whether they’re goading the nation into starting a war is unknown.

To their credit, despite the growing tensions and obvious nervousness amongst the citizenry, many Acadians have been going about their day-to-day lives as if nothing is brewing at the border. “We can’t stop everything and stick our heads in the sand. It’ll probably be nothing”, said one elderly man. “If the Kerlians want a fight, we can take them”, said a woman getting a takeaway coffee at a stand on her way to work. Most believe the situation will de-escalate, but others are preparing – just in case. “We have an entire basement filled with long-dated canned foods. We can ride out anything”, said John and Marie, a young suburban couple. “We’re going to go buy a generator today too, just in case nuclear war knocks our electricity out.” The resilience is certainly remarkable.

JENNIFER McSHANE, Foreign Correspondent

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