Cruz Denies Any Impropriety in SCP Finances Scandal

Sanctus – Kate Cruz today denied any impropriety on her part in the management of the finances of the Sanctarian Conservative Party and said that she was “cooperating fully” with the Sanctarian Federal Police’s investigation into the matter. She denied reports that the board of the SCP were pressuring her to stand down saying “I retain the confidence of the party to continue leading us despite these challenges”.

Also commenting today, the Sanctarian Federal Police said that “all avenues … are open” in their investigation of the SCP finances, saying that “[they] are in the exploratory phase, ensuring all documents are still extant and in order” and that the Fraud and Financial Crime Unit’s forensic auditors were “liaising closely” with the Federal Electoral Commission in the matter. “This is an organisation that has not lodged accounts with the responsible agency for two consecutive years”, a spokesperson for the SFP said of last night’s raid, “the actions by the FFC Unit are standard protocol for ensuring proper financial oversight is maintained”.

Despite Cruz’s insistence that she maintains the confidence of the party board and party members, it is understood that privately the party is very concerned how this saga will play with members of the public, and how it may tarnish Cruz’s reputation. There is also concerns that the fallout might affect other senior party leaders, such as Deputy Leader Noreen Islington, who under party rules also has some responsibilities relating to party finances. Islington’s office did not return comment when approached.

Glorionis Premier Madeline Chalke, who sits on the board of the party, however did make a comment saying she was “concerned” at the actions of the SFP and said that “the SCP needs strong and clear leadership to navigate the upcoming stormy waters”. It should be noted that Chalke was close to Cruz’s predecessor Mark Kindle, and was not at all happy with how Cruz threw him under the bus after the party’s disastrous 2018 general election.

The SFP and the SCP both said separately they anticipate the investigation into the party’s finances to continue for some days. As it is an ongoing investigation, MPs refrained from mentioning it in the House of Deputies today, though some DLP backbenchers did heckle Cruz during one of her speeches shouting “resign” and “corrupt”.

JOEY SESSIONS, Political Editor

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