WA Resolution Sparks Drugs Debate in Lauchenoiria

The current resolution-at-vote in the World Assembly has reawakened the drugs debate in Lauchenoiria. The proposal, titled World Psychoactive Drugs Act, would prevent WA member states from prosecuting individuals for the consumption of recreational drugs designed to produce a psychoactive effect. If the resolution passes, it would require a radical overhaul of Lauchenoirian drug law, which is notoriously strict compared with Lauchenoirian law on the vast majority of other social issues.

Lauchenoirian Ambassador to the WA, Helena Craighan, has been instructed to vote against the proposal, however it looks likely to pass regardless. The proposal has re-ignited a debate which has, in the past, caused great tension in Lauchenoiria. During the civil war, the legalisation of several types of recreational drugs on the island of Aeluria led to the need for a 240% increase in health spending on the island in the years following the war.

The debate is also likely to cause tensions in the already-fragile coalition government. While the senior partner, the Liberals, are (despite their name) vehemently opposed to legalisation, their junior Green partners ran on a manifesto promising to explore legalisation if elected in the majority. With the Pacifists deserting the government over the war in Aeluria, the Liberals desperately need to keep the Greens on-side. It is unlikely, therefore, that Lauchenoiria will go for the bold option of open non-compliance.

This resolution, and the consequences of it, come at an inopportune time for the Lauchenoirian government, with the eco-terrorist situation spiralling out of control, leading the Empress of Xiomera to threaten retaliation against Lauchenoiria should Warriors of Our Earth continue their activities against the Xiomeran state. As the Lauchenoirian government scrambles to gain control of the situation, the prospect of being forced to change such long-standing policies will only add to the government’s struggles.

Prior to the new constitution adopted post-war in 2019, this proposal could very well have led to Lauchenoiria leaving the World Assembly. The 1952-2019 constitution first drafted by the Communist government contained a clause prohibiting tobacco products and all recreational drugs. While this clause was removed from the 2019 constitution currently in place, the strength of feeling in Lauchenoiria about this issue has not greatly changed. Anti-WA groups, previously relegated to the fringes of Lauchenoirian politics, have been increasing their memberships since the proposal was announced. It remains to be seen what will happen next.

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