Alvarez Condemns Xiomeran Kidnappings; Admits Need To Deal With WOE As Arrests Increase

Prime Minister Josephine Alvarez addressed the Federal Parliament today in a special statement on the ongoing situation regarding eco-terrorist group Warriors of Our Earth. Addressing both the ‘kidnapping’ and interrogation of two Lauchenoirian citizens by Xiomera, and the current spate of arrests of people associated with WOE, Alvarez condemned the move by Empress Calhualyana, while admitting that her government “should have done more” to deal with WOE before now.

On the subject of the ‘kidnappings’ of two Lauchenoirians, identified by sources as Clay Moss and Irene Ramos, Alvarez condemned the move, which Empress Calhualyana admitted to in an online broadcast. “It is completely unacceptable for Xiomera to send agents here to kidnap our citizens from our soil and subject them to their barbaric interrogation techniques. Such things are deplorable and ought to be roundly condemned by the international community.”

However, addressing the actions of WOE that provoked the Xiomeran response, she told Parliament, “what these eco-terrorists are doing is unacceptable. They are damaging their cause, their country and their non-violent counterparts. Due to Watchdogs repeated sheltering of Warriors in their organisation and physical spaces, we have had no choice but to question members of the Watchdogs as well. WOE have become a severe risk to national security, and we are taking measures to mitigate that risk.”

Being questioned on the number of arrests, Alvarez said: “In the last twenty-four hours we have questioned over 4,000 individuals associated with WOE in one form of another. Those who we are then confident have no links to Warriors have been released, while anyone confirmed or suspected of being part of the terrorist group will remain in detention until we regain control over the situation. We expect to question many more people in the coming days. This is a necessary precaution given the seriousness of the situation, and one I wish I did not have to take.”

It is expected that the coalition government will announce an increase in defence spending at their next budget announcement. Alvarez will be hoping that more nations condemn Xiomera’s actions, as so far most countries have remained silent, with the exception of Haesan, whose Prime Minister supported Calhualyana’s statement – which included a threat to retaliate against Lauchenoiria for the actions of WOE. In the meantime, her government is doing all it can to prevent such an occurrence by ‘handling’ WOE as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

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