Andrew Simpson, DTNS reporter, speaks to the media following his detention

Reporter caught up in wave of mass arrests related to WOE

A reporter for the Democratic Times News Service has been detained and questioned by Lauchenoirian authorities, as part of what appears to be a wave of mass arrests taking place in that country.

Andrew Simpson, a reporter assigned to the Lauchenoirian capital Buttercity, confirmed that he was taken from his residence by Lauchenoirian police and questioned concerning alleged ties to Warriors of Our Earth, the group that has been labeled eco-terrorists by several governments after a string of incidents. “The only connection I had to WOE at all was that I was on their mailing list, as part of my many investigative contacts,” Simpson told DTNS after his release. “I would never have expected a democratic state such as Lauchenoiria to detain journalists simply because of their contacts.”

The Democratic Times News Service has sent a formal complaint about Simpson’s detention to Lauchenoirian authorities, stating that his detention “sends a scary message to the media”.

Simpson’s detention is just one of a large and rising number of arrests taking place. Prime Minister Josephine Alvarez had stated that the number of people detained for questioning was around 4,000. Other sources, however, are indicating that the actual number may be as high as 10,000 and continuing to grow.

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