Lao Sansong reacts to the WOE Attacks

After the attack on Airandogādenzu Palace, and the attempted assassination attempt of Kimoto Kamanmaru, Shogun Yoshnoubu Abo declared that all WOE members “must be dealt the blade of justice”. Following this, the House of Wisdom passed a resolution granting amnesty to those who honorable kill suspected WOE members. This passed 33-2 with only Skiken Kasai of the Socialist Workers Party and Yi-Jeong He of the Gochullyeog Front voting against

Meanwhile, Kimoto Kamanmaru has set a bounty of 6.5 million New Sansongian Yen, or around 485,000 Sanctarian Dollars for the leader of Warriors of Our Earth to be either captured or killed with full honor. Damiyo Kamanmaru has also directed his company United Arms to fund “any group willing to take down Warriors of Our Earth”. The Damiyo has also received support from several other aligned provinces that have begun to arrest those suspected of involvement with WOE.

These developments however have not gone well with members of the Sansongian Green Party, an affiliate of the Left Front. Their leader Matuso Kashura called the crackdowns against WOE “detrimental to the development of the environmentalist movement in Lao Sansong”. Also adding that the Greens do not support WOE’s methods although they agree with the message of Watchdogs of Our Earth, the group that WOE split from. “Lao Sansong must limit its carbon emissions especially industrial” and that protecting nature is “honorable”.

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