Popular Zongongian Mental Health App Released Internationally

The company behind a popular app in Zongongia, hAPPy, announced that they would be rolling out the app internationally at the end of last year following exceptional success in Zongongia. The app, which will become available worldwide from tomorrow, allows users to tag specific locations with things that make them happy; and then provides those recommendations to other users. The idea is that “no matter where you are, you will be able to find something to bring you a little joy”, according to RockApps, the company behind hAPPy.

Users can tag locations such as cafes with recommendations of favourite cakes; scenic spots where users can admire the view; and the venues for activities that they have enjoyed. Recommendations added are moderated to ensure they are accurate, and that they have “positive vibes”, according to the company. While the app was initially developed for people with low mood, to encourage community and opportunity, it has become much more popular and widespread than anticipated.

“We have already had to quadruple our team thanks to the success of hAPPy,” said Bernhard Patrikkson, CEO of RockApps. “Every village in Zongongia has at least three listings on the app; and we’ve had countless emails from people abroad who’ve seen recommendations from Zongongians on social media. While we initially intended the app to be local due to the location-based services; there is clearly a market for similar worldwide.”

While RockApps intends to make hAPPy available as widely as possible, it is expected that in countries with strict internet censorship policies that it may be restricted or forbidden. The Kerlian Censorship Board, for example, told RockApps in a letter seen by the Zongongian Gazette that they will consider permitting the release in Kerlile in the future, however ‘cannot allow the chances of patriarchal sentiments in the global suggestions section’. The global suggestions section named is a feature that allows a user to find an entry from a random location anywhere.

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