Compulsory Information Literacy Classes To Be Added To Lauchenoirian Curriculum

Classes in Information Literacy are set to be added to the compulsory elements of the Lauchenoirian curriculum for 12-15 year olds after the summer, Secretary for Education Nacio Navarro announced this morning. The classes will teach teens how to identify likely disinformation, how to check sources and other skills that will “equip young people to wade through the current information ecosystem”. The classes are part of a wider initiative to tackle disinformation in Lauchenoiria, following deepening concerns about foreign disinformation operations targeting the country.

“Most Lauchenoirians can identify an overt piece of propaganda, like this 1950s Kerlian leaflet encouraging female emigration,” Navarro told parliament, holding up a printed copy of a notorious example of Kerlian propaganda. “But far fewer are able to spot an article that purports to be genuine news, and yet is filled with falsehoods.” The classes aim to tackle this issue while children are just beginning to pay attention to news and politics, and use the internet more frequently.

The government has frantically been trying to counter disinformation operations in Lauchenoiria since before the civil war. In early 2018, false information regarding both the capitalism referendum and Skodenian interference in Lauchenoiria played a large part in the beginning of the war. In the immediate aftermath of the war, rumours regarding Kerlile’s Aurora Programme spread like wildfire, with false rumours implicating a number of female politicians being spread. In the present day, the government fears interference from Xiomera, after they have repeatedly threatened the country.

As well as foreign interference, domestic disinformation threats abound. From the statements of Lauchenoiria First’s Paul Doberman – who has been sued for defamation seven times in the past four years, being given repeated fines – to the rogue intelligence agents led by Gabriel Fleming (now thought to reside in Xiomera after his escape from prison, though any proof has not been publicly released), Lauchenoirians have attempted to mislead other Lauchenoirians.

“As we move on from the war to become a stable, fair democracy,” Navarro concluded at the end of his speech, “it is vital that we are able to tackle challenges to our democracy from all angles. The enemies of freedom and democracy no longer have to rely on military strength to further their interests; each and every Lauchenoirian has a part to play in keeping our country safe from influence operations. We hope that these new classes will help the next generation do just that.”

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