First Trials of WOE Members Take Place, 12 Sentenced to Prison

The first trials of members of Warriors of Our Earth for membership of a prohibited terrorist organisation took place today. So far, 3,452 people have been charged and remanded in custody. Twelve individuals, all Lauchenoirian citizens, seven men and five women, today pled guilty to the charge, and were sentenced to two years in prison each.

Lauchenoiria has also requested the extradition of a number of Lauchenoirian citizens abroad who are suspected of being members of WOE, from several nations. An alert has also been issued for 37 other individuals, whose present location is not known. This includes three WOE members who were last seen carrying out an attack on fuel stations in Greater Acadia.

Secretary for Justice Paquito Tosell told the Lauchenoirian Guardian, “we are hopeful that the prosecutions of these terrorists will discourage others from joining such groups and carrying out violent acts in the future. While it is, of course, up to the judges to sentence those found guilty, we are hopeful that prison sentences will prevent the group from being able to recruit others; and will dissuade those who have already taken part from further violence after release.”

Due to the number of individuals charged, it is expected that the trials will take many months to complete. It is believed that priority is being given to those who have already indicated an intention to plead guilty, in order to streamline the process. Trials for those who have already undertaken violent action in Lauchenoiria or elsewhere are expected to take longer, and it is anticipated that they will face much harsher sentences, especially any who took part in the Canal Zone attack.

Investigations into WOE are ongoing, however it’s likely that the vast majority of people involved with Warriors have now been detained, either in Lauchenoiria or abroad.

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