Greater Acadia Signs Military Aid Package to Huenya

Federation City, Greater Acadia – In response to the recent annexation by Xiomera of sovereign Huenyan territory, the Gargant government has drafted and passed legislation aiming to provide the government of Huenya with the ability to purchase military equipment. Totalling around 14 billion dollars, the bill aims to extend low-interest lines of credit to the Huenyans, allowing them to purchase the equipment they need to effectively defend their nation. Additionally, the bill includes provisions for the transfer of military hardware from Acadian stockpiles to Huenya, though the exact value of this exchange is unknown at this time.

While the bill passed swiftly, it was not unanimously supported in Parliament. As compared to earlier economic support bills to Huenya, the military assistance package passed within a much narrower margin. House Opposition leader Gavin Glebes decried the motion as “needlessly provocative” and “poorly aligned with Acadia’s strategic needs.”

“Simply put, I do not believe that the Prime Minister and his coalition had the best interests of Acadia in mind when drafting this bill.” Said Representative Glebes. “Frankly, he’s painting a target on our back in regards to Xiomera, when we already have Kerlile to worry about. It’s an open secret that by acting aggressively towards the Xiomerans, we have ended up arming Kerlile, which remains the more active threat. It’s no well-kept secret that the Xiomerans are now arming the Kerlians, after all!”

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