Lauchenoirian PM Condemns Xiomeran “Land Grab”

Lauchenoirian Prime Minister Josephine Alvarez has condemned the recent annexation of so-called Western Xiomera by the Xiomeran Empire, calling it a “blatant violation of the Jinyu Agreement, and an insult to the process that ended the Xiomeran civil war.”

Alvarez said she was “deeply disappointed” in what she saw as Empress Calhualyana’s violation of Huenyan sovereignty and warned that the move was a “dangerous provocation” that threatened to “reignite the conflict” in the Greater Huenyan Region.

The annexed territory, previously calling itself Western Xiomera, was seized by terrorist group the Golden Blade in early 2022, and declared itself an independent state in August. The Xiomeran Empire has now formally annexed the territory, incorporating it into the Empire as the province of Xonacatlán, in violation of the Jinyu Agreement where Xiomera agreed to drop any territorial claims within Huenya.

While Prime Minister Alvarez announced no action to be taken at this time, it is likely that the annexation will further sour an already-tense relationship between Buttercity and Tlālacuetztla following the WOE incidents. 

Alvarez called the move a “blatant land grab”, and promised Parliament that the government was “considering” their response. Lauchenoiria has already placed numerous sanctions on the Xiomeran regime; and it is unlikely any further economic action can be taken. Lauchenoiria is deeply unlikely to challenge Xiomera militarily, leaving the question of what action can be taken open.

For the time being, Alvarez has little choice but to watch the situation unfold and hope that stronger powers decide to act.

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