The Brother Nations Signs Trade Deal With The Democratic Republic of Eiria

Inwaukosuwuk, Tsimdaupohwetosonghnee – Following lengthy debate and discussion, ties between The Brother Nations and The Democratic Republic of Eiria have strengthened. As of 3:34pm today, the ink has barely begun to dry on a new mutual trade pact which is valued at a combined 19 Billion pounds. Already warm relations are set to grow on the backs of mutually beneficial partnerships. During a ceremony, featuring Ambassador Jakob Lusē as a guest of honor, High Speaker Jimmy Seven-Feather made a speech, commemorating the occasion.

“This is a momentous achievement.” He said. “Our brothers and sisters in Eiria are considered close friends of our people. We all look forward to the new bonds this agreement could bring. The closer our nations, the closer our bonds, the closer together the world will become! I thank our friends in Eiria, and those elsewhere. It is with their support that we all grow more prosperous and wise.”

There are, however, questions if this agreement was purely economically driven, as both nations face threats at home. With increasing tensions with a much more heavily militarized Eïkangärd to the west, our nation finds itself more and more under threat. It is much the same with Eiria, as the Empire of Xiomera begins its designs on Caxcana.

Jimmy Seven-Feather agreed with these sentiments in a later interview with The National. “There are many things we wish to discuss with our Eirian partners and others abroad, of which security is a priority. This is a promising first step in a new direction, but there is still much work left to be done.” There are rumors and reports of further diplomatic overtures to Caxcanan nations on the agenda for the Council. Though what these might entail, and to whom, remains uncertain at this time.

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