The new all-female 51st Brigade of the Imperial Army

Xiomeran officials announced today that they have reached an agreement with Kerlile’s government to construct an overseas military base in that country.

According to the Xiomeran Defense Ministry, a ground forces base and airfield will be constructed halfway between the Kerlian capital Grapevale and the Lauchenoirian border. It will house 5000 Xiomeran troops as well as an air and missile wing and air defense contingent. A new all-female brigade of the Imperial Army is being formed to garrison the base, the 51st Brigade. The new brigade resurrects the name of the “Fierce 51st”, a brigade that was last in existence during the Great War before being decommissioned at the war’s end. The purpose of the base, per the Defense Ministry, is to “train and up-skill Kerlian forces and equip them so that they can defend their homeland” as well as “to provide a base of operations for the defense of Xiomeran interests abroad.”

“This historic agreement will protect and defend the Kerlian and Xiomeran peoples alike, and I gratefully thank President Arnott and the Council for their warm ties with us,” Empress Calhualyana declated at the announcement. “Together, we will ensure the mutual protection of our shared ways well into the future. Long live the Matriarchy, and long live the Empire.”

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