Lao Sansong closes its borders for the first time since 1979.

Today, by Parliamentary Decree 1223. Lao Sansong has closed its borders to all foreign citizens. This move comes after increased demand to do so following an attack last month by WOE terrorists. For much of its history, Lao Sansong was closed to outsiders, though after the Second Clan War in 1977, the borders become more open. This move has not come without major opposition, as the Samurai Guild whose members account for a large number of foreigners has called the move “dishonorable, honorable warriors of all nations and states should be allowed to travel freely”.

Although Lao Sansong is traditionally ethnically homogenous, 16.5% of all Lao Sansongans are not ethnical Sansongian. This move has sparked fears among these communities that their rights may be infringed upon. Ousame Ben-Ali, the son of immigrants from Serriel and MP of the United Left Party called for the Shogun, Yoshonobu Abo to take action. “This decree prevents people like my parents from coming to Lao Sansong and lifting up not just themselves but this great state, I implore the Shogun to take action”.

Meanwhile, 42 people have been executed as a result of the hunt for WOE members. Those executed are mainly those affiliated with the environmentalist movement. An incident in a small village in the Riverlands has prompted some outcry. A dozen contractors first burned down the small village of Mizubenohata-Nioku, the escaping civilians were either executed at gunpoint or detained. This incident led to a counter-attack on the contactors leader by members of the Samurai Guild.

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