Several Eirian Communist Politicians Caught in Funding Scandal

Several members of the Communist Wing of Socialists for Eiria are now under investigation after several leaked memos and documents revealed undisclosed funding and support from foreign sources. These documents, leaked by an anonymous aide, implicate communist Senator Dānis Litvinovs and a number of like-minded regional politicians from Nōrdjura, Geminus, Krastalen, and Murdarbe Provinces. According to these memos, these politicians received over 500,000 Lunens in undisclosed donations from the Milintican Communist Party, along with various other forms of press and advertising support. This undisclosed support is in direct violation of several Eirian campaign finance laws, which require all financial and advertising support to be cataloged and declared before voting closes. 

If these politicians are convicted of these crimes, they could face massive fines, multiple years in minimum-security prison, and a ban from major political roles (from anywhere between ten years and a lifetime). In addition, Senator Litvanovs has been fully censured by the Government Oversight Committee, meaning that he has been stripped of both his committee assignments and his vote in the Senate pending further investigation. This kind of full censure has not been used since 1997, after insider trading charges were levied against three Senators. 

The anonymous aide who released these documents published a statement along with them: “As a proud communist, I have always believed in serving the Eirian people to the best of my ability. And if I did not speak up about these crimes, I would be going against everything I believe in. Senator Litvinovs has wronged both his nation and his party, and he deserves to face the full consequences of his actions.”

Senator Amara Chin, leader of the Socialists for Eiria national party, released a statement yesterday after the Government Oversight Committee voted on the full censure. “While I am disturbed about how quickly my fellow Senators imposed a censure, Senator Litvinovs should be investigated and punished in accordance with the law. Hypocrisy and deceit are not tolerated in our ranks, without exception.”

However, these allegations aren’t just hurtful for the Socialists and their allies. The Milintican contact who orchestrated the illegal support, Kauri Wetere, is the Chief of Staff for former Cabinet Minister Neina Arana. This throws relations between Eiria and Milintica into question during an already tenuous time in global politics. Chancellor Stendē was quick to dismiss these concerns, saying in a press briefing “While these charges are concerning, this scandal shall not drive a wedge between us and our allies. The UCS remains united, and will continue to be united through whatever obstacles we face.”

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