Brother Nations’ Trade Partners Expand With Addition of Huenya, Manabi Rive

Inwaukosuwuk, Tsimdaupohwetosonghnee – As of 9:45am, the trade reach of the Brother Nations expands, as more free trade deals have been negotiated with the governments of Manabi Rive and Huenya. Once again, a ceremony of brotherhood was held within council chamber. Guests of honour included ambassadors from both nations, who were welcomed warmly as friends by Parliament and Jimmy Seven-Feather.

“Once again, the power of kind words and strong relations has brought disparate peoples together.” Said Jimmy Seven-Feather, during his speech during the opening of the ceremony. “We find ourselves joined by like-minded peoples within Caxcana, strengthening each other and forging stronger bonds of friendship. In this increasingly turbulent world, we must continue to peacefully coexist. Every connection forge by friendship rather than force should be celebrated as the world seems to drift further and further towards conflict.”

It can be said that the Speaker’s words hearken to increasing tensions in Caxcana between Huenya, Manabi Rive, and the Empire of Xiomera, as well as here at home. Recently, Eïkangärd made a statement regarding the return of DMZ lands. Despite being questioned, Jimmy Seven-Feather declined to comment directly on the situation, instead remarking: “Our response is coming. We will make an official announcement in the coming days. That is all I can say at this time.”

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