Roucourt’s Leader Suffers Severe Mental Break, Military at a Stand Still

Reportedly the General Secretary of the State, Svetlana Leclerc suffered a complete mental breakdown, supposedly because of her severely untreated catatonic schizophrenia. The breakdown happened after the emergency meeting pertaining to the members of the National Assembly who were caught in a corruption scandal, supposedly dealing with the country’s platinum reserves.

The emergency meeting was called on the fifth of may, with the assumed reason of having a trial against the guilty members, instead what happened was pure chaos, according to the inside informant. Svetlana held a eight hour speech, regarding the National Assembly being foreign spies working against Roucourt. Svetlana then stated that a mass trial encompassing the entire National Assembly shall take place, hysteria began to erupt from the Assembly, with multiple members trying to exit, only to be stopped by the GSSG (General Secretary of the State Guard). Svetlana had the GSSG escort eleven members, presumably the original eleven members that supported Svetlana when she first came to power. Svetlana then ordered the remaining members to be executed by any means necessary. The GSSG then opened fire upon the assembly from the upper interior balcony of the People’s Hall. Following the massacre, Svetlana began muttering incoherently, with the commander of the GSSG escorting her away from the People’s Hall. It is unknown how many assembly members survive the massacre, but the best estimates are still grim.

Svetlana has not been seen since the incident, for this reason several military members, and politicians have used it as a opportunity to grow their power, and influence, with many seizing valuable assets.

As of now many military units, specifically the Peoples and Nations Commissariat of Internal Affairs, and the Peoples and Nations Defense Squadron, are at a stand by, with conflicted orders being sent by multiple commanders, and many units are preparing for the worst. The informant stated that “Civil war is surely imminent.” When asked about the possibility of a civil war in Roucourt, Vice President of Frésir Altay Sisli stated “It is a very real possibility, as the fear from opposing the General Secretary of the State was an important part of keeping the country stable.”.

Helene Ælfflæd-Kapua – East Caxcana Correspondent

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