Prime Minister Timothy Gargant Suffers Sudden Heart Attack, Rushed to Hospital

Federation City, Greater Acadia – At eight in the morning today, Prime Minister Timothy Gargant was rushed to hospital after suffering a sudden and severe heart attack. Paramedics rushed the Prime Minister to Federation City General, where he received treatment at their Heart Health Center. According to sources within the hospital the Prime Minister is currently in stable yet severe condition. He has not yet been cleared to receive visitation from friends and family at this time.

This news comes as a shock to the nation, as the 52-year-old was considered an active man. He often participated in cycling events within Federation City, and was known to enjoy hiking and cross-country skiing. Dr. Lisa Tamlinson of the Federation City General Hospital’s Heart Health Center however has somewhat countered this narrative by say: “Active lifestyles, while helpful in improving one’s heart health are only one component. Some may have underlying conditions which can increase the risk of cardiac arrest and myocardial infarctions.” When asked if the Prime Minister had an underlying health condition, she declined to comment, citing doctor-patient confidentiality.

As of now, the functions of the Prime Minister’s office will transfer temporarily to his designated Vice-Minister Christine Belle, who currently acts as Director of the Bureau of Foreign Affairs. She has already extended her best-wishes to the Prime Minister and his family and wished him a speedy recovery. She has promised to return her powers to the Prime Minister once he is fit to return to office.

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