Council Approves Three New Kerlian Political Parties

The Council of Kerlile has approved the creation of three new political parties: Environment and Conservation Party; the Secadualist Union Party; and the Free Market Party. The session was attended by seven out of nine Councillors; and Councillor Natalia Hart indicated her intention to switch her allegiance to the Secadualist Union Party shortly after the meeting concluded. Councillors Arnott and Patel were absent.

Previously, only the Women’s Party of Kerlile and the Reform Party were legal; the creation of these new parties – with votes on the formation of other parties still to come prior to the next parliamentary election – will lead to a truly competitive parliamentary election for the first time in Kerlian history, when it takes place in January 2024. Each party had to present a summary of their ideologies for scrutiny by the Council.

The Environment and Conservation Party describe themselves as ‘focused on green politics’ and would campaign for greater legislative focus on climate change, conservation efforts, and funding for environmentally-friendly agriculture. The party does not have an official position on matters of political reform; stating that they will ‘accept all members who care deeply about the environment’ regardless of whether they prefer traditional gynarchy or reformist policies.

The Secadualist Union Party will represent the views of Secadualists, the dominant religion in Kerlile; and will adopt positions ‘based on the Scrolls’. Councillor Natalia Hart played a large part in the formation of the party, and is likely to become its main figurehead following her post-approval switch. It is likely the party will be anti-torture, and in favour of some reforms regarding the justice system; however, is likely to support the maintenance of restrictions on male humans.

The Free Market Party will campaign for the end of restrictions on Kerlian trade with other nations, including ending the requirement for a rating of at minimum ‘fair’ on the Kerlian Women’s Safety Index (KWSI) to trade openly with the Matriarchy. They favour the loosening of restrictions on foreign goods, with the exception of products that need to be passed by the Kerlian Censorship Board. They also favour tax cuts; more introduction of private industry even if foreign-owned; and cuts to certain public services.

Aside from the Secadualist Union Party, which is expected to attract defectors in parliament immediately, it is unknown how well the other parties will do. No Councillor is an open patron of either the ECP or the FMP; and the Council has not commented on why the parties were approved following their decision. Either way, all three parties may now begin seeking members among women aged over sixteen across the Matriarchy.

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