Charles Danton Nominated as Secretary-General of LIDUN

Charles Danton, accomplished Eirian politician and diplomat, was nominated by Chancellor Stendē today to become the second Secretary-General of the League of IDU Nations. Danton is a well-known and distinguished member of the Eirian political community. His long career of public service started in University, as he was a prominent member of the Student’s Senate at the prestigious New Riga Research University, where he got his undergraduate degree in political science. 

Even after he had graduated, Danton continued to be a prominent activist during his time at Kalejs University Law School, becoming a primary editor of the University’s law review. Once he had his law degree, he put it to good use by joining Lei Kōrp dei Plādēsei Militārca (“The Military Lawyers Corp”). After over seven years of distinguished service in the KPM, Danton went into private practice, working for four years at Grange ut Evans, a major Eirian law firm that specializes in international law. This career shift led him to join the Eirian Foreign Service at the age of thirty-seven, earning him stations at embassies and consulates across the IDU.

During the regime of Neil Darrin, Charles Danton served as the Acting Ambassador (in Exile) to Laeral, as he was one of the few higher-ranking diplomats that refused to abide by Darrin’s recall order (and thus escaped the infamous governmental purges). This status earned him widespread commendation upon his return to Eiria, and he was given the Medal of Valor by Chancellor Mariah Kruminš.

However, Danton was never one to rest on his laurels. In 2016, he ran for (and won) a Senate seat in his home kōrtair, Geminus Fourteen. He was appointed as the Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Diplomacy in 2018, and was promoted to Chairman in 2020. During his tenure as a Senator, Danton was a pillar of the Green Party, helping define the party’s platform on many occasions. 

Despite his prevalence in Eirian politics, in 2022, he declined to run to maintain his seat, instead opting to write essays and work as a lecturer at the University of the Ambassador’s League (Eiria’s selective national diplomatic school). However, the position of an occasional lecturer was ill-suited for a man of Danton’s talents, and once the LIDUN Charter was signed, he was at the top of Chancellor Stendē’s list of potential Secretaries-General. “Danton is, by far, one of the most legendary public servants of the last century. He has served his nation well in the KPM, in the Ministry of Diplomacy, and in the Senate, and I know he will serve LIDUN with the same dedication he always has,” Chancellor Stendē said in a briefing this morning.

The 61-year-old Danton gave a statement this morning after the announcement of his nomination. “I am so incredibly grateful. This is, by far, the biggest honor I have ever been given, and I would like to thank Chancellor Stendē and the Senate for this nomination. In our rapidly changing world, we need a strong, steady hand at the helm, and I will be that hand. It is time to hold leaders accountable, recognize the pleas of the most desperate and powerless among us, and take accountability for our own mistakes, and we cannot do these things alone. Across the IDU, there are an infinite number of problems to solve, people to help, and tensions to soothe. And while we may be a long way from solving all of these issues, I guarantee I will do my best to oversee these new steps towards a united, prosperous IDU.”

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