SCP Slips in Polls as Financial Storm Shows No Sign of Abating

Sanctus – The Sanctarian Conservative Party has fallen a further 5 points in the latest fortnightly political polling, with many respondents blaming the current investigation into their finances, and their leadership, as the reason for turning away from them. Party Leader Kate Cruz, and Deputy Leader Noreen Islington, are still under active questioning by the Sanctarian Federal Police, with sources saying the investigation is unlikely to end in the short term.

Interim Leader Julie Christintim, who took the reins of the party after Cruz and Islington “stepped back” while the investigation is ongoing, has said she is confident the decline in numbers is a “temporary dip in reaction to adverse media reports” and that by the time of the next election, the party will be in “a very strong position to take back control of government”.

The continued shadow weighing over the party because of the police investigation is making many state SCP members and leaders nervous. “I think Cruz and Islington should really consider the best for the party”, Glorionis Premier Madeline Chalke told reporters today. “The party needs to get its finances in order and move forward with no stains, or even possible stains, on the party and its representatives”. Chalke has previously called on Kate Cruz to officially resign as leader, rather than stepping back from duties as she has currently done.

Many SCP members, though, see this as a distraction. “Being late in filing reports is not exactly competent behaviour, but the way the media is reporting it is making it sound like it’s criminal”, one party member told us. “I see this more of a failing on our accountants than the party itself”, another said. While SCP members across the federation seem to be holding confidence in the party, even if not its elected leadership, the polls don’t lie, and they say the public at large are being turned off in a significant way.

AHMED PATEL, Political Correspondent

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