Situation Escalates in Roucourt

Several divisions of the People’s and Nations Defense Squadron have fired upon both the Peoples and Nations Commissariat of Internal Affairs and the National People’s Revolutionary Guard, with several skirmishes taking place outside of the capital Kalinyev. Some divisions of the National People’s Liberation Army, and the General Secretary of the State Guard blocked off access to the capital, assumingly in preparation for the oncoming civil war.
Multiple states have already begun to mobilize their national guard, and although they have not been called to mass mobilization, the National People’s Militia has begun to patrol cities, and roadways with many checkpoints being set up to observe the movement of military personnel, and equipment.
The PNDS has seized large amounts of land in the central regions of the country, while pro-democratic resistance fighters have sprung up in the northern coastal region, fighting between these groups has been going on for more than a week, with general executions taking place in several villages. The PNDS has pledged to save the country from foreign interference and eradicate the filth that plagues the country.
The GSSG has stated that any attack on the capital would mean the expulsion of PNDS forces from the country, the PNDS has yet to respond to the statement.

Helene Ælfflæd-Kapua – East Caxcana Correspondent

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